6. Bead making

"Everyone can make Jewellery"


The Bead making was set up out of a passion for jewellery making and the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to learn high-quality, professional technique in an environment that is open, welcoming and inspires creativity.

Learning to make jewellery shouldn't be exclusive or reserved for an elite few, but something that everyone can get involved in. Regardless of whether you are in it for fun and relaxation, to develop a hobby, set up and grow a jewellery business or develop a career in the field we welcome everyone equally.

The only thing we love more than jewellery are the people that make it! We consider each and every one of our staff, students and tutors as part of the Emerald family and strive to support each other as a community through our communication, classes and events.

Topics Included

  • Tools & materials
  • Layers
  • Beaded ball of thirty
  • Bead design
  • New Abuja connection
  • Russian spiral
  • Bone design
  • Petals design
  • Netted necklace
  • Matting
  • Spiral stitch
  • Rose design

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