3. Tailoring and fashion design

If you have power of creativity, imaginative and charm of style then join Emerald Vocational School


Learn the art of Fashion Designing from leading Vocational School. Right from Drawing classes, garment construction, clothing construction and illustration sketching. There are multiple fashion Designing school in Nigeria however, we are completely unique from other’s as we go in deep with all course module. Practical exposure is one thing we focus the most and our fashion experts will make sure each and every point is treated.

Fashion is an act of collective art that present the views and ideas of creativity. If you have power of creativity, imaginative and charm of style then join Emerald Vocational School. This is the most immerging career option for you ever. It is a most expanded field now in textile and garment industry and mostly in the city.

Our school is first preference for students to learn various fashion art of technology, because of its ability of services and working method. Our school is completely full of digital technology and all type of accessories for designing work. And we also believe to celebrate our passion with student’s success.

There are more course module that you will come across like Garments Construction and clothing construction while classes are conducted.

Course Contents

Illustration is the best way to understand any subject and object. It is the art of communicating fashion ideas in a visual form that originates with drawing. It is the visual aid through which the design is explained in the fashion field. Many illustrations that explain fashion have been in existence since the time clothes have been existence. It is very important to draw in such a way in which each and every angle of the illustration should look real, including all elements of fashion object.

All these factors play a very important role in making the illustration look real, presentable and more attractive. Only an artist could prepare a masterpiece, hence an artist who is working on fashion designs should have deep knowledge about illustration and how illustration is created. The art of fashion drawing itself will ever die, no matter how advance technology gets. Illustrating is and always will be important because it gets the idea out of your brain and makes it real on paper. That’s why illustration is an important skill for a designer to have.

stitching is basically a process to join two parts of clothes in a single loop by yarn and needle. It’s an art of fashion design development theory, without stitching u can’t complete any design. Stitching is combined elements of sewing, knitting, crochet, and embroidery work making by hand or machine. Once u have completed a structure of your design on paper, after that u need to represent its in stitches. It is an art for any design to show some new extra abilities. There are many types of stitching like back stitching, overcast stitching, cross stitching, chain stitching, knot stitching, blanket stitching, lock stitching, over lock stitching, etc. Any designers have must deep knowledge about stitching and its all methods and types, after it they can give a best structural product with unique designs. In this modern time period, we uses machines for do this, but how many stitches are used in it and in which shape, its depend on designer’s stitch structure, which is created in sketch design.

The quality or ability to create or invent something and some new ideas its creativity. It is defined as the thinking power of brain create some extra ordinary strength by which invent some new creations, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others. The best fashion designers are held up by their industry as the veritable geniuses of our time. While mind power and practice of work play one side in their creativity and output for many years of decades knowledgeable persons have wondered whether are certain innate qualities that set artists apart, and put them in a unique position of creative ability. One of key elements of creativity is element of new possibility, something new. It can be an OLD IDEA but if it is applied in a totally new way, new direction, and that same but recycled idea, it becomes a whole new entity, a new creativity. In fashion industry you have need to many skills to improve your creativity, like highly artistic, strong drawing skills, good eye for detail, understanding texture, color and fabric, strong visualization skill, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a competitive spirit, ability to work well with a team, interest in current fashion trends, and wrapping up. If u want to develop your creativity, then u have need to learn about all these creative skills of creativity.

It’s a crucial part of fashion designing, you have to perfect the details to draw any design you want to draw, to do that our institute will teach you from basic to the advance. Fashion designing begins with draw your ideas on paper. Drawing is the first step to create any design and it reduce the wastage of actual sewing clothes. This is the reason why we even conduct fashion designing drawing classes in our surat based institute. Color combination is another art that one should aware of while drawing.

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