2. Photography and Video Editting

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Video editing is the technique of transforming a video into something which is dynamic and appealing to the eyes. The process contains appropriate arrangement, decoration, special effects addition, sound mixing, colour rectification, etc which will make the video more communicative to the audience. It can be done live while on site or at the time of post-production of the video by using various tools which will convert the raw file into something which is better alluring to the targeted spectators.

This course generally focuses on the art of video post-production. Students are prepared on how to explore the theory and practice of various editing styles in order to gain a better understanding of how stories are constructed in the editing room.

Through demonstrations and hands-on experience, students learn advanced editing techniques with an in-depth examination of Final Cut X. To further enhance projects, students create animated motion graphics using Motion or After Effects. Strong emphasis is placed on post-production techniques that improve the sound and image quality of the videos.

The subjects taught by our amiable instructors of the study course are highlighted below;

Topics Included

  • Principles of Continuity Editing
  • Parallel Editing
  • Effective Motion Graphics
  • Working With Project and Sequence
  • Screening
  • Raster & Vector Graphics
  • Fundamental Of Resolution
  • Color and Layer Adjustment
  • All Photography Topics
  • Create Studio Album Design
  • Advanced Motion Graphics
  • Editing for Documentary
  • Linear & Non Linear Editing
  • Mechanism Of Videos & FPS
  • Video Cutting & Editing Tools
  • Video Effect & Sound Effect

Course Objectives

- Better understand techniques editors use to construct stories.

- Have a thorough working knowledge of a non-linear editing software.

- Be able to do professional style color correction.

- Know how to create high quality motion graphics.

- Understand video formats and principles.

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