1. Photography

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Emerald School of Vocations enjoys a rich tradition in photography. The high quality both of its artistic and academic training is characterized by an open discourse that take photography seriously as a medium in a country of constant change. Together, we seek both future photographic forms of expression and new paths of critical reflection on photography.

Superbly equipped photo laboratories and an outstanding study environment are the key principles of our daily work. There exist three study programmes for the Photographic Training, 9 Months study course full-time, 15 Months study course per-time and an Executive study course for one month. The goal is to develop individual trainee for successful professional practice in a wide range of areas of activity in the dynamic markets of photography that exist today.

The subjects taught by our amiable instructors of the study course are highlighted below;

Topics Included

  • Introduction to Photography
  • History of Photography
  • Terminologies in Photography
  • Light in Photography
  • The Camera
  • Film
  • Taking Photographs
  • The Dark Room
  • Film Development
  • Printing of Photographs
  • Digital Photography
  • Exihibition of Photographs

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