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Udeogu Ikem

Head, School of Vocations.

Emerald school of vocations is a vocational training school that specializes in all aspects of fashion and textile designs, photography and video editing, hairdressing, makeup, bead making and hat making. We train students on various aspects of each trade with specific emphasis on meeting acceptable international standards in all areas. We also have a collection of seasonal professionals and experienced instructors who are well trained and conversant with the modern day technology and innovations in the vocational world. Our students are given industrial exposure in order to explore their potentials and gain industrial experience which makes them employable and self-dependent.

Also worthy to mention is our conducive and secured environment which stimulates learning and propels creativity. We also partner with secondary schools colleges and tertiary institutions in providing vocational training for their students and members of staff. Our vocational school is open for all categories of learners ranging from;

  • Secondary school students,
  • Student with awaiting result
  • Student with awaiting admission
  • Undergraduates and Graduates
  • Working class and House wives
  • Married and unmarried men and women

Our programs are time flexible as we also offer both part-time and short-time courses that can suit your time-table.

Our Facilities

We have well equipped workshops and interactive classrooms with ICT facilities. It's obvious that Emerald school of Vocations is powered by technology.

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